Laidi manor / Valtaiķi church / Rudbārži manor


November has started with some cool 4K cinematic drone videography at Laidi manor / Valtaiķi church / Rudbārži manor. All places are great and highly recommended to visit, all places share some great history, starting Baltic - German nobleman Manteuffel at Laidi Manor, or some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in Latvia at Valtaiķu church, made in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century according to sketches by Vilhelms Purvītis. Or Rudbārži manor, about a century ago, back in…

Valtaiķi Evangelical Lutheran Church


When I was back in Germany and visited Germany's most visited landmark - The Cologne's Cathedral my travel mate said to me - it (Cologne's Cathedral) doesn't impress me as much as Valtaiķi church in Latvia. I looked at her - and asked, what? Seriously? Yes, she replied - the stained glass at Valtaiķi church are more impressive than here at Cologne.  I was left with no options and decided to visit this church by my own. Unfortunately, as usual in Latvia, this church was closed and I hadn't any…