Weight loss

Back to the Gym - Get Under 99kg Beard Challenge


Getting fit is cool, getting heart rate normal is awesome. Visiting a gym can be really addictive. For the second time this year I'm taking beard growing challenge - not to shave it under I will get under 99 kilos.  Let me explain, back at the start of 2017 I applied for a gym membership at Tbilisi's Champions Academy, my weight was 105 kg, I made a challenge to grow a beard until I will weight less than 100kg. I reached my goal in less than 2 months. My best result was 97.2 kg on March 23rd,…

How I Lost 4.4 Pounds In 5 days In The Gym


With this article I'm starting new blog series on blog - fitness, my first article, kind of warm up article for beginners,will cover details on how I lost my first 4.4 lbs (2 kg) in the gym after first five days of training. For a prelude, I have been overweight for years, not obese, just overweight. My body weight have been in the range 210 - 242 lbs (95-110kg) for the past 10 years. My ideal body weight as I believe should be under 200 (90kg). I live medium healthy lifestyle, with the…

My Journey to a Fitter Lifestyle - From Aspria to Champions Academy


Starting a fitness journey is never easy, but finding the right gym can make all the difference. After searching for a while, I found Aspria, a gym with several branches throughout the city. Initially, I was impressed by the reasonable pricing of 99GEL (~$57) for 24/7 access to the Dinamo Stadium branch. However, as time went on, I found that the best choice for me was actually Champions Academy. Back in 2014, I had set a goal to lose 17 kilos, and I was hoping that Aspria would be the…