Užava Lighthouse

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Užava Lighthouse - a lighthouse located on the Latvian coast of the Baltic Sea.

The lighthouse stands in an isolated location, on a 28 metres high sand dune, which is permanently threatened by the Baltic Sea waves' erosion.For this reason, the first coastal reinforcement – a dense log wall was constructed to secure the lighthouse's location in 1910. Later, fir-tree baskets filled with gravel, and big boulders to absorb the waves' energy.

Uzava lighthouse

Uzava lighthouse

Currently, the base of the lighthouse is protected by rock armour.

The original tower of the Užava lighthouse was destroyed by artillery shells during World War I. The present-day lighthouse tower is 19 meters in height, completed in 1925. The inscription of the year 1924 on the nearby weather vane on the lightower's dome roof marks the beginning of construction works of the lighthouse

Užava lighhouse

Užava lighthouse
The lighthouse of Užava has been included in the list of the national protected cultural monuments and is located about 20 km south from Ventspils. It stands on one of the three high wooded dunes – the so-called Teniroka dune (28 m high). From afar, this dune reminds people of a baking over, therefore, in the 19th century the German name of Užava lighthouse was Bakofen.

Užava was mentioned in historical sources for the first time already in 1230. It is believed that already in the 17th-18th century a navigation fire in the form of a bonfire was placed on a pile of stones in order to serve as a guidance sign for ships on their way to Ventspils.

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