Batumi Boulevard Dancing Fountains

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Batumi Boulevard is the main and most visited sightseeing of the city.

One of its central elements is the dancing fountains located just in the heart of the city.

Batumi fountain square from a drone's flight

Batumi fountain square from a drone's flight

It was at the start of August 2020, we visited Batumi once again. I took a drone to make some photos, and one of the aerial shots is from Dancing fountain square.

In the summertime, this place can be quite busy.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the prominent Georgian architect Giorgi Erkomaishvili and the Armenian engineers, three colorful fountains were installed in the central entrance of Batumi Boulevard in 1977 bringing vibrancy and a new splash of life to the area.

In 2007, the fountains underwent large-scale renovations as a result of which music was added to them.

Nowadays these musical fountains dancing with rhythm and surrounded by lovely wax sculptures of the boys with pipes, represent the major attraction for tourists.

Park near Batumi dancing fountains

Park near Batumi dancing fountains

The recreation zone, which at the same time is a cultural heritage monument, for centuries, has unites the city's guests or native inhabitants. It involves a seven-kilometer seaside promenade, 4 historic alleys, bike path, and more than 40 thousand tree-plants planted at different times on the area. Batumi Boulevard, with its historical meaning and continuous development cycle, became a visiting card of our city where everyone finds their place.

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