Best Hikes In Tbilisi Are Located Near Turtle Lake

  • Long-Term Residence in Georgia: With more than twelve of living in Georgia, the author has had ample opportunities to explore the country extensively, gaining a deep appreciation for its diverse landscapes and cultural experiences.
  • Beloved Retreat at Turtle Lake: Turtle Lake in Tbilisi holds a special place in the author's heart, serving as both a peaceful work spot for Drupal development and idea generation during hot summer days. Over the years, this serene location has witnessed the author's transition from leisurely lakeside relaxation to an enthusiasm for outdoor activities.
  • Hiking Routes from Turtle Lake: The author shares three hiking routes in this post, all originating from Turtle Lake and offering distinct destinations, from Tskenti village to Vake Park and Round Garden in the heart of the city. This exploration demonstrates the author's commitment to discovering new facets of Georgia's natural beauty and urban charm.

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I have been living in Georgia for more than tvelwe years already. I have traveled around the country quite a lot. 

Probably one of my favorite destinations in Tbilisi is Turtle Lake. On hot summer days, I like to head here to perform some work (in my early Tbilisi years for some Drupal development, latelty managing my crypto hedge fund) or brainstorm new ideas.

Though I started to blog - and document my travels just in 2013, I have been here (at Turtle Lake) some hundred times for sure. If at the start I headed here just to chill near the lake, then lately I'm more into some outdoor activities. 

In this post, I have listed three hiking routes all of them starting at Turtle Lake - one ending at Tskenti village, the second ending at Vake Park, and the third ending at Round Garden (Eristavi Street, almost in the city center)