Dashbashi Canyon & Waterfall with 240 meter long Glass Bridge

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If there is a reason to visit Dashbasi canyons near the Tsalka in Georgia - the canyons themselves, cascading waterfall and the glass bridge hanging over the gorge should raise some interest.

Dashbashi Canyon Natural Monument is part of Khrami (known as Ktsia at it source) gorge near Dashbashi village, 3 km from the town of Tsalka

I first heard about this place a couple of years ago from an ex-pat friend, back then the place was pretty much not developed and unknown to the broader masses.

We first visited Dashabshi Canyon in 2020, back then it was still a pretty much-underdeveloped area, but some touristic routes were built. Back then we didn't climb down to the cascading waterfalls, but instead, I made some nice drone videography from the nearby restaurant (Restaurant Pepo near Dashbashi Canyon).

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Now, we returned here again at the end of April 2022 and huge improvements are made. There is a good asphalt road, a visitor center, and plenty of tourists. Entrance fee (Gel 19, as of 2021)

@40 meters long glass bridge over Dashbashi Canyon in Georgia

I didn't try to cross the glass bridge over the canyon, instead, I got my adrenaline rush from flying the drone over. Here I made a short documentary from our trip to Tsalka and Dashbashi canyon

After a brick climb down into the canyon, we finally reached the waterfall

Dashbashi waterfall

Beautiful, cascading waterfall

Dashbashi Canyon is known for it astounding cascading waterfalls, that provide chill in the summer. Dashbashi Waterfall takes exotic emerald color and forms dozens of frozen waterfalls in the winter. In waterfall vicinity it is also warmer in the winter than in nearby Tsalka and Dashbashi village. 

viewing platform at Dashbashi canyon

Dashbashi canyon is beautiful, easy to reach and must have tourist attraction while in Georgia. Highly recommended. 

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