Defunct Tkibuli - Tskhrajvari Cable Car

During our latest (and yet first) Racha trip we discovered this quite awesome, but defunct Soviet cable car station near Tskhrajvari.

Turns out, it has been the second largest Second longest aerial tramway in Georgia and Soviet Union with 3644 meters, height difference: 850 meters.

Tkibuli - Tskhrajvari Cable Car

The cable car station near Tskhrajvari is located at the top of the cliff - nowadays quite a popular tourist destination in the area. 

Despite being defunct - I see a great potential to renew cable car service hear, at least as tourism potential.

Tkibuli - Tskhrajvari Cable Car

According to Irakli Zhozhuashvili Flickr post

  • Put in Service in 1984.
  • Project Engineer: Vakhtang Lejava and "Sakgiproshakht" Tbilisi Institute team.
  • Designer of 12 person Cabins: Vakhtang Lejava
  • Manufacturer of Cabins: Tbilisi Aviation Factory.
Tkibuli - Tskhrajvari Cable Car

Let's hope the cable car line is renewed anytime soon. I see it as a great tourist magnet for the whole region, with some nice souvenir shops around.

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