Embute Church Ruins

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The Embūte church is located in the Embūte Nature park, nowadays, there are just remains left from the old day glory.

It was in a hazy December 2020 afternoon, I took my DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone and made some nice aerial photography and even a video here, see Embūte Nature Park 4K. Ancient Curonian Land. Latvia . DJI MAVIC AIR 2

Embūte church

Embūte church

Here is what I was able to find about this church (source: Embūtes baznīcas drupas)

The Embūte church was built from 1674 to 1684, financed by the then owner of the manor, Emmerih von Mirbach.

Embute Lutheran Church has been one of the largest in the Duchy of Courland with 300 seats. During the first independent Latvia thousands of people gathered here, including the most prominent men of the country-  Kārlis Ulmanis.

The church was notable for its carvings indoors. The church did not suffer during the World War I. There was a huge crystal chandelier in the church. In 1926 the church was repaired, but at the end of the World War II the church was destroyed.

Embūte church from above

Embūte church from above

All that remains is a wall and a bell tower, where you can notice the traces left by artillery charges.

Today, more and more young couples are choosing this venue as their wedding ceremony.

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