Embūte Nature Park 4K. Ancient Curonian Land. Latvia . DJI MAVIC AIR 2


Made a quick drone video from Embūte, quite an awesome ancient land of Curonians. Got a feeling some old Curonian might come out of the woods with a wooden sword and ... If you happen to be in this area - make sure to visit this place. One of our favorites now Music by Scott Holmes: The Edge of Nowhere Taken December 13, 2020

Embūte Castle


The ruins of Embūte Castle are located in Embūte, Latvia, in Embūte Parish, Vaiņode Municipality, not far from an ancient hillfort erected by Curonians. It was an ancient Curonian settlement and is mentioned in ancient chronicles as a place with strong Curonian resistance to German crusaders. The bishop's castle was built as a border castle with Lithuania by Livonian Order on a steep hill on the right bank of the Lanka river, which flows into left tributary of the Venta. Later manor house was…

Devil's Dam Embūte (Joda Dambis)


Devil's Dam of Embūte is an awesome place for hiking and trekking in the Courland region.  We first discovered this site at the end of 2020, and plan to return here more often. Devil's Dam from a drone flight Taken with DJI MAVIC AIR 2 Here is what I was able to find about this place (Source: Joda Dambis) At the western foot of the Indulis (or Curonian) castle mound is the Joda Lower Square, where open-air stages have been built several times. Large-scale events have also taken place…

Embute Church Ruins


The Embūte church is located in the Embūte Nature park, nowadays, there are just remains left from the old day glory. It was in a hazy December 2020 afternoon, I took my DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone and made some nice aerial photography and even a video here, see Embūte Nature Park 4K. Ancient Curonian Land. Latvia . DJI MAVIC AIR 2 Embūte church Here is what I was able to find about this church (source: Embūtes baznīcas drupas) The Embūte church was built from 1674 to 1684, financed by the then…

Recreation Center Near Tirelu Lake - Pastaiga Mākoņos


We were just randomly driving around beautiful Latvia and headed here just after had a stop at Podnieku lake. This place is pretty popular and well known for locals and huge was our surprise when we noticed a turnpike which stopped our ride in the territory of this recreation center. There were no people or no option to call somebody to open the gates, so we left were we were, I made a few photos and turned our car back. I hope to visit this place some next time to see it from "inside".…