Explore the beauty of Georgian Black Sea resort towns

This article was originally written as a guest post by Ms. Anya Sapharova (written back in 2017)

Summertime motivates adventure-seekers to pack handbags and grab their piles of bright ideas and high expectations in order to make holiday dreams come true.

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The exotic country of Georgia offers a big variety of sunny resorts where one can have a wonderful rest. Georgia is a promising place for both families and lone wolves who are looking forward to building up new relations with representatives of different countries. It is already common knowledge that Georgia is a mountainous country in the Caucasus but Mother Nature didn’t deprive the sunny country of the seaside. Having mountains and the Black Sea together makes Georgia a place where any person has a chance to satisfy needs and preferences of his/her own.

When talking about seaside resorts of Georgia fancy pictures of models under the palm trees at the shore of the foamy sea in the beautiful sunshine are getting closer to reality and you start believing in paradise on the Earth. Having a swim is not the only option how to spend your time. You can have an exciting ride on the yachts, launches, have a walk in the mountains, go to the park with attractions, or maybe just having a seat at the shore being preoccupied with your thoughts. Moreover, Black Sea resorts are always lively and festive in summer. Lots of art-restaurants and bungalow cafes right at the shore draw every single tourist in the nightlife of the Black Sea coast.

The swimming season opens in June and lasts till the end of September, though some tough and daring swimmers have a wonderful time in the water even starting from May till October when water is really cold.

The Pearl of the Black Sea – that is the alternative name of Batumi, one of the biggest tourist centers in Georgia. Batumi is a port city but at the same time it attracts millions of sightseers. Its popularity reaches the top especially in summer when the sea is as smooth as silk velvet. Batumi bestows its visitors a beautiful and healthy skin color. Stone beaches energize you with their natural force and astonish with the beauty of seashells that can easily be found right in the stones, especially after storms. In Batumi people usually visit the Musical Fountains or visit the local zoo, situated near the lake with swans in the center of the city. You can have fun at aquapark or rent a bicycle.

By the way, Batumi is the only city in Georgia where you can find bike paths throughout the city limits. Close to the sea you will find a new boulevard with lots of boutiques and cafes whereas in the old boulevard you can peacefully have a rest in the shade of giant trees. Being in the center of different kinds of musical events you can always find something close to you in Batumi.

Batumi Botanic Garden is a remarkable place full of greenery and panoramic sceneries. It does not take long to get there from Batumi so it is a highly recommended place to visit.

Gonio – the settlement that has lately been included in the administrative territory of Batumi, offers outstandingly clean water and beaches. You can take a bus in Batumi and get to Gonio just in 30 minutes. The town is situated close to Georgian-Turkish border. What really attracts tourists in Gonio is the long green wall of eucalyptus with its fresh aroma. One of the main tourist attractions in Gonio are the remains of Roman fortresses. Also on the territory of Gonio tourists often visit the grave of St. Mathew – one of the twelve Jesus Christ’s students. Gonio itself as a town is a wonderful merging of clean sea and beautiful green mountains so no wonder why this resort is considered as the best place for rehabilitation.

Kvariati is situated near Gonio and is even more hidden in the mountains. This unusual resort is often visited by people with vascular and central system problems. The length of the beach is just one kilometer but water is crystal clear here. Kvariati is a quiet place with no noisy restaurants around so in order to get in touch with the ‘civilization’ you might have to go to Batumi.

Kobuleti is the second most popular resort after Batumi on the Black Sea shore. This town consists just of three parallel roads but still some tourists prefer this small place to the big urban Batumi. You can find any kind of amusement in Kobuleti and forget about the time! Little park hidden in the greenery is the perfect place for reading and working. Compared to other towns prices in Kobuleti seem to be lower and more reasonable. Park with attractions ‘Tsitsinatela’ (it means ‘firefly’) is a favorite place not only of many children but lovers of extreme will find this place interesting as well. In Kobuleti it is easy to find a flat and prices are really low – the farther from the sea the lower in the price so sometimes it is even possible to make a good bargain and fees may be 10 GEL (less than 5 USD) for one night.Green Cape – one of the places that is not often visited by the locals but everybody has heard of this resort. Green Cape got its name due to the unique green color of the trees and plants. Moist climate upkeeps their growth and preserves the color.

Unlike the stone beach resorts listed above Ureki offers therapeutic magnetic sandy beaches. This is a calm place where you can feel the peacefulness of Georgian Black Sea Coast. Still stars of Georgian stage annually hold concerts in Ureki.

Anaklia is a young resort that is being developed with a great speed. Even a couple years ago Anaklia was not a well-known place but nowadays it can be the leading Black Sea Coast resort in terms of moderate climate, clean sea, and great number of colorful events. Nowadays Anaklia is not a place with numerous fancy hotels but in future it may become a real rival for Batumi.

The Black Sea had always been visited by tourists throughout the past century and now the turnover is growing. Which place to choose for summer holidays is, of course, up to you and your preferences. No matter where you stay the food, nature, and people will not disappoint you.