Flights to Mestia from Tbilisi will resume starting July 18th by Service Air

<p>Today I red splendid news on Georgian news - <a href="; target="_blank">starting July 18Th flights from Tbilisi to Mestia will be resumed</a> - and will be performed by Georgian flight company - Service Air.</p><p>According to news - the flights will happen 3 times in a week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Flight will leave Tbilisi at 11:00 and will return from Mestia 14:00. Ticket price will be 65 GEL.</p><p>I was so impressed and eager to visit Svanetia, I immediately called "Service Air" company - to make a reservation. Unfortunately women at the other end of phone - explained me - that they (Service Air) don't know anything yet, and full confirmation should be announced today/tomorrow. Answering on my question - yes, but the news are already in newspapers, she told me - that newspapers have rushed events.</p><p>Anyway - that's great news - and I do believe flights will resume to Mestia soon. It's awaited that flight duration will be about 45 minutes - that's just brilliant - instead of 7-8 hour drive by car - you can reach Mestia in just 45 minutes. Awesome, Superb!</p><p>I want to have ticket on board because I want to visit Mestia and Svanetia, finally!</p><h2>About Service Air</h2><p><a href="; target="_blank">Service air</a> is a privately held first Company developing and promoting General Aviation in Georgia. We gladly share our experience and offer help within our capacity to anyone interested in developing or getting involved in General Aviation. The company owns it’s private Aircraft Means and airdrome. Natakhtari Aerodrome is the first general aviation airport in Georgia located on a beautiful valley just 20 miles North of Tbilisi, less than a mile off the highway.<br><br>We are offering: Charter flights to the remote locations; Cargo and Transportation; Scenic Flights – the Grand Caucasus offers breathtaking vistas – majestic peaks, glaciers, volcanic platos, deep canyons, rich valleys, desert landscapes, soothing Black Sea and its gentle shores; Agricultural and Ecologycal aviation services; We teach flying through the learning courses for airplane using the most advanced computer programs, literature, and the newest navigation technologies; Flight Club membership providing significant advantages; In this business only sky is the limit… We believe in its future. Come and see for yourself. Explaining the concept of General Aviation is harder than actually doing it.</p><h2>About Mestia</h2><p>Mestia &nbsp;is a highland townlet (daba) in northwest Georgia, at an elevation of 1,500 metres (4,921 feet) in the Caucasus Mountains.</p><p>The townlet is dominated by stone defensive towers of a type seen in Ushguli ("Svan towers"). A typical Svan fortified dwelling consisted of a tower, an adjacent house (machub) and some other household structures encircled by a defensive wall.<br><br>Unique icons and manuscripts are kept in Mestia Historical-Ethnographic Museum. Mestia is also a center of mountaineer tourism and alpinism.</p>