Installing Hardwood floors for our Frame House In Latvia

  • In October 2023, during a school break from the British International School in Tbilisi, we embarked on a DIY project involving a Frame House in Latvia. This opportunity allowed us to advance our construction plans.
  • Our journey involved making preparations, ordering materials, fixing critical issues like a shifted house and unstable roofing, and installing various components, including OSB, rockwool insulation, and beautiful pine wood flooring. We encountered challenges but overcame them with determination.
  • Despite not completing all planned tasks within the limited time, we managed to install approximately half of the flooring. This DIY adventure was a significant achievement, and the memories created are something to be cherished.

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In October 2023, we enjoyed a week-long school break from the British International School in Tbilisi, Georgia. Seizing the opportunity, we made plans to travel back to Latvia to advance our DIY project involving a Frame House.

In preparation for our trip, I had already placed orders for OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and hardwood flooring from local suppliers. We had coordinated the delivery, with an agreed-upon date of the evening of October 18. As soon as we landed in Riga, we wasted no time and immediately headed to the construction site to unload the eagerly anticipated wooden boards.

Author of this blog captured in Action

Feeling somewhat weary after the flight from Tbilisi to Riga and a two-hour drive to the construction site.

Buying rockwool for the floor

The nearest DIY store is approximately 30 kilometers away from the construction site, and it required multiple trips solely to transport the rockwool needed for the flooring.

Fixing roof


Upon our arrival at the site, two significant issues immediately caught our attention. Firstly, we observed that the house had shifted by approximately 15 centimeters. Secondly, on one side of the house, the roofing was flapping freely in the wind. To address these concerns, we immediately set to work. First things first, we secured a few bolts to stabilize the roof, and then we eagerly embarked on the exciting task of leveling the house back to its proper position.

Leveling house with car tensioner and car lift

Though it cost us a valuable few hours, we were determined to address these critical issues, and we succeeded in fixing and securing the house. With that essential task behind us, it was finally time to proceed with the flooring installation.

Attaching OSB under the supporting beams

Our next step involved placing rockwool on top of the OSB. Attaching the OSB beneath the floor proved to be a challenging task, but we persevered and successfully accomplished it.

Rockwool insulation


For insulation, we opted for a 15 cm rockwool layer, equivalent to 2x750mm thickness. Additionally, we encountered a slight setback as we needed to readjust and re-screw supporting beams to align with the rockwool's dimensions, which were 600mm.

Installing vapor barrier film

Hopefully, the vapor barrier will effectively retain the warmth indoors and prevent moisture from entering.

About half of the flooring installed

Due to time constraints, I found myself working late into the evenings, meticulously installing this beautiful pine wood flooring.

Frame house in the night

It's a beautiful sight to see electricity flowing within the house.

Installing hardwood flooring in the second floor

We have exciting plans to create a charming attic-style room for our daughter in this space.

View towards the house

Looks quit awesome.

Pinewood flooring on the second floor

Cant wait to open a laptop here and trade some stock.

The last photo of the house before leaving


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete all the planned tasks this time, as we had to return to Tbilisi once the school break ended. In these brief five days in Latvia, we managed to install roughly half of the flooring. I'll consider it a significant achievement nonetheless!