How To Tile Kitchen / hallway floor

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The time had finally come and I was ready to tile the kitchen and hallway floors at our Vilgale apartment.

A year ago I would say  - no way I'm going to do it myself, but here you go, I did it all on my own, with some research on Youtube and a lot of encouragement from friends who have done it.

As it is in our Tbilisi apartment - I decided to go with large 60cmx60cm tiles, which I bought at the local DEPO store (in Liepaja) In total I purchased tiles to cover 21m2, which turned out too much, but I did put my margin of error as I didn't know how well it will go. Surprisingly it went very well, and I did break just one tile, which I still managed to reuse. Awesome. My biggest concern was the tile cutter, but again thank you YouTube it went very smoothly.

Buying tiles and tools at DEPO store in Liepaja

Here I bought tiles, tile cutter, a level, glue for tiles (dry mixture), distancers (3mm). As the tiles vere pretty heavy I decided to buy them in two attempts, or I purchased jus the half at my first visit to the store

Trying out different tile positions on floor

Thansk to the YouTube tutorials I understood its better not to start from the corner but instead lay out tiles to find the optional placement

Making glue mixture for tiles

The other day we bought another apartment and I got a free drill there. Was very happy to use it for tiling glue.

Applying glue on the floor

After a few hours of thinking I figured it out to strat from this place, to save on tiles and have the best look at the end.

As you can see I have a laminate floor already installed, it will be somehow tough tash to connect them together at the end.

Tilling kitchen floor

It is very important to use distancers to make tiles straight

Tiling Vilgāle apartment

Unbelievable. I'm actually tiling and the work is not hard at all. For today I decided to tile only full tiles, no cutting. Leaving the cutting for another day.

Tilling hallway

The end feels so close already. 

tilling kitchen and hallway

I stopped here today, and returned to tile the rest next day

Tilling kitchen floor

On the second day I come for the tile cutting, I must admit it was both easy and hard. It was easier than I thought to cut the tiles, but it took much more time I expected and i ddin't finish all the tiling works today.

Tilling apartment

There are still some tilling job left, but before that I will need to buy special transition from tile to laminate, and it seems i will need to clip a bit our front door.

Once the tiling will be finished in the kitchen and halway I will move to the bathroom.

Cost so far:

  • Water plumbing: EUR 60
  • Sadales Tīkls: EUR 60
  • Electrician: EUR 155
  • Architect: EUR 800
  • Removing walls and floor: EUR 775
  • Chalk removing, / wiring: EUR 500
  • Wall plastering/frame for drywall ceiling (bedroom): EUR 875
  • New windows: EUR 1,252 
  • Window replacement: EUR 200
  • Estrich floor with an underfloor heating system and all plumbing: EUR 1,916
  • Rock wool for the ceiling, drywall constructions, drywall, and some wiring: EUR 866
  • Plastering bedroom and living room: EUR 1,200
  • Chimneysweep: EUR 30
  • More drywall, rock wool, electric cables, plumbing, and others: EUR 1094
  • Doors for bedroom and bathroom: EUR 291.58
  • More sauna, more drywall, more plumbing, more wiring EUR 1,992.56
  • More sauna, more drywall, more electricity: EUR 370
  • more plastering: EUR 340
  • Paint and tools (paintbrush, rolls, gloves, scotch): EUR 74.86
  • 27 Liter of ready-made plaster, dozen of electricity plugs, rolls, screwdrivers: EUR 45
  • Paint for walls, additional electricity plugs and switches: EUR 50
  • Laminate flooring and tools: EUR 378
  • Tiles and tools for kithcen and hallway: EUR 400

TOTAL: EUR 13,725