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To Break Even My GPU Mining Rig, Ethereum Should Reach $5,153


It has been a while since my latest updates with my Ethereum GPU mining rig. In fact, Q1 2018 has been pretty dull for crypto investors, including miners. Long story short - at…

Thoughts about Upcoming Dividend Income From Baltic Stocks in May 2018 (Zemaitijos Pienas, Olympic Entertainment Group, Klaipedos Nafta)


It feels like I'm losing ground under my feet when looking on the future dividend income for the month of May 2018. At the start, Olympic Entertainment group announced it's…

Invest in Russia - Peer to Peer Lending on marketplace


Got another promotional e-mail from peer to peer lending marketplace, informing about the opportunity to invest in Russia issued loans in roubles (RUB) by EcoFinance.…

Highest Deposit Rates in the World by Country 2018


As a small and growing investor, I'm always looking for higher yield investments, and despite deposits doesn't fit in my wealth building strategy, I have made some pocket money in…

March 2018 Dividend Income Report - $52.88


March is finally over. The last March was really uncomfortable and in fact, it was the first month from my short investor experience when my total net worth actually decreased.… Peer to Peer Lending Review 2018


I first heard about peer to peer lending marketplace back in 2016, starting with 2017 I decided to invest some chunk of money on this platform. Now in 2018,…

Entering Negative Value For Ethereum Investment - Crypto Bear Market 2018


The cryptocurrency bear market which has started in 2018, has finally hit my humble cryptocurrency portfolio and have vanished all the huge gains I made at the end of 2017.…

Average Salary in European Union 2018


For the fifth year in a row, I'm publishing my humble observations on average salary changes in the European Union. In this article, I've compared both gross and net average…

Nasdaq Baltic Stock Market Biggest Gainers / Losers 2017


There was a 71 company listed on the Nasdaq Baltic stock market in 2017. In today's article, I decided to make a quick look on the biggest gainers and losers for a whole 2017. …

Cryptocurrencies are Volatile - Here is How I Lost $1,000 in Value in a couple of days


Wow, what a bearish ride for the past couple of days in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin and all the other major altcoins have lost value on average by 25% in the past couple of…