Last chance workout on the trails around Turtle Lake before Tbilisi Marathon

  • Transition from Treadmill to Trail: The shift from treadmill training to running on scenic trails near Turtle Lake in Tbilisi offered a completely different running experience, challenging the runner's adaptability and self-reliance.
  • Embracing Nature's Beauty: The trail run provided an opportunity to immerse in the natural beauty of the area, offering breathtaking views and reconnecting with memories of past hiking adventures. It highlighted the contrast between indoor and outdoor exercise.
  • Harder but More Rewarding: Despite being more challenging than treadmill running, the trail run was described as more fun and adventurous. Completing nearly 9 km in 1 hour and 30 minutes, slightly slower than the treadmill pace, emphasized the physical demands of trail running but also the joy it brought, leading to plans for future trail runs with Olga.

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After our successful start at the Tbilisi Adventure run back in April I gathered everyone from the Caucasus Translations office for the Tbilisi Marathon Run in October (2023).

This time we applied for a 10K distance. To test my limits I started to train for the 10K run at the gym on a treadmill.

Surprisingly my results were quite good, and maybe that's why Olga (Latvian explat), after seeing some of my Facebook posts invited me to join her for a trail run. I was intrigued enough and agreed.

After returning from our Svaneti trip - I sent her a message asking which day and where should we plan our run. We agreed on Thursday morning at 8:00 AM at Turtle Lake.

Said - done! I took our kiddo to the school bus in Vake, and from there took a taxi up to Turtle Lake, where I met Olga and Jerry Lee (dog). Our trail run started. 

Running trails near Turtle Lake in Tbilisi

I followed Olga's lead and enjoyed the run which comes with some very spectacular views. Back in the days we come here a lot for hiking trips. It was my first time actually running here.

Unlike running on a treadmill it was completely different, instead on replying on treadmills screen I had to rely on myself. Might be a little bit hard at the start, but I believe with time it can improve greatly.

Views Towards Tbilisi from the trails around Turtle lake

Back in the days we used this trails for hiking adventure, could spend hours going around, having a little picnic. Running is completely different.

Best Hikes In Tbilisi Are Located Near Turtle Lake

Team Latvia on the trail

In total we made little less than 9 km in 1hour and 30 minutes. On treadmill I can manage to finish 10K in 1hours 13 minutes. Answering on question - is it easier or harder running on a trail? Sure, it is harder, but also more fun and adventerous.

Together with Olga we agreed to repeat such runs once in a while.