MyHeritage DNA test, flight to Tbilisi, Stock Recovery

| Living in Georgia | 12 seen

Today was the last day in Riga and Latvia for a while. No More Vilgale, no more Ječi, and no more Riga until Spring 2023 (earliest). 

QSI school started today in Tbilisi, but we will still skip the first days and should start our new school year on Monday.

Back in April we already ordered the MyHeritage DNA test, and today was the day when we finally took it, sealed and sent it back to Germany. Now we wait for some 6 weeks I guess. Exciting. I guess I will have some Russian, Belorussian, Iberian, and Latvian heritage will see. Maybe Ashkenazi Jew? Let's wait.

I have some stock positions expiring tomorrow, I was worried about like DB and INTC stock, but seems they are going to recover or at least not take a huge loss.

See you soon in Tbilisi. Exciting.