Notes from Tbilisi: Abandoned Military sites in Latvia / Estonia; Sold VW Touareg car; #2 Bitcoin newsletter

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Good afternoon from sunny and hot Tbilisi. The weather was scorching today, reaching +32 Celsius.

Tbilisi weather in June

The morning started with an interesting message to the blog's contact form - an Estonian person was asking some questions about military sites in Latvia, we exchanged a few e-mails and talked both about Latvian and Estonian abandoned military sites.

Information about former Latvian radar base Skrunda-1

Hello, Reinis

I read your post about Skrunda-1 and also did some internet ''research''. And I've come to a couple of questions.
When did You visit this place? And was it closed? Because I read that it is now closed for tourists and the Latvian army has closed the area. Could You please tell if this is true?
I am asking because I'm planning a trip in Latvia's abandoned military places/bases.

Any information that You could share would come in handy for me.

I was pretty much intrigued and shout out the best I knew both about Skrunda-1 and other interesting sites in Latvia

Good morning! At least morning is here in Tbilisi!

Are you from Estonia?

Skrunda - 1.. I visited it back in 2015 if I remember it right, I have heard that the place now is closed for tourists as the Latvian army is using it as the training center or something.

From other cool places in Kurzeme, I think the Irbene radio locator near Ventspils is awesome (but I haven't been there), and also the Zeltini rocket launcher site in Aluksne county.

From other Soviet attractions in Kurzeme, I think they have this prison in Liepaja

And Karosta itself is pretty interesting - looks pretty much like Skrunda-1 and they have an epic Russian cathedral near the sea
Also the Northern Forts of Liepaja

If you happen to come to Georgia, there are a few interesting objects as well, very interesting is the Big Shiraki airfield in the Georgian steppe used in the Soviet-Afghan war

Let me know if that helps

And soon I got back a reply with a few interesting sites to visit on the Estonian side.

Near Valga there is/was Soviet rocket base (Vilaski), but some part of it - soldiers barracks - is a private property and some buildings are still standing but time and nature have done its job.

Otepää is beautiful, there is an adventure park for kids and adults.
Tartu science center  (Ahhaa centre) is worth visiting, too. There are different exhibitions from time to time and science shows for everybody who is interested.

If you have more time, then in Haanja locates the highest peak of Balticum and Estonia - Suur Munamägi (I'm not sure, how it translates to english, the big egg-hill), theres a viewing tower and the whole lenght with the hill and tower is 318meters.

Northeast of Estonia, in Sillamäe and Kohtla-Järve, locates  a mining museum, also from Soviet time, but its renovated and you can go underground to the mining tunnels and so on. But if I remember correctly, it is a guided tour.

People many times wonder how do I meet so many interesting people all around the World? That's how -  with the help of a blog.

After emailing my Estonian acquaintance we took our kiddo to QSI school and then we went to Rustavi to sell our VW Tourageg car to the Latvian acquaintance I met a few months ago here in Tbilisi. Sold the car for $3,500. We originally bought it at $4,500 some 4 years ago, so I think a good deal. Very reliable car and I hope will suit the new owner for good.

Of course, now it feels a bit sad. Looking to buy some newer model of Mercedes Benz ML - series, or better Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus. Budget $6,000 - $10,000

Rustavi Auto Market (Buying a Car in Georgia)

In the evening / afternoon sent out second paid bitcoin newsletter! Maybe in a year I will become a bitcoin millionaire? 

Life is good!