Hiking Likani, Sunday school Rustavi


Another awesome weekend in Georgia šŸ‡¬šŸ‡Ŗ- with some elements of offroad riding, hiking, camping, horseback riding near Likani station, and a few skulls at Green monastery Saturday. Back to Rustavi scout center for a lovely Sunday with fellow Latvians.Ā  Our last weekend trip with VW Touareg.Ā 

Notes from Tbilisi: Abandoned Military sites in Latvia / Estonia; Sold VW Touareg car; #2 Bitcoin newsletter


Good afternoon from sunny and hot Tbilisi. The weather was scorching today, reaching +32 Celsius. The morning started with an interesting message to the blog's contact form - an Estonian person was asking some questions about military sites in Latvia, we exchanged a few e-mails and talked both about Latvian and Estonian abandoned military sites. Information about former Latvian radar base Skrunda-1 Hello, Reinis I read your post about Skrunda-1 and also did some internet ''research''. Andā€¦

International Scout Centre Rustavi


The industrial town of Rustavi, approximately 25 km southeast of the Georgian capital Tbilisi, offers a modern international scouting center. The youth center offers space for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The facility is available for children and young people from Rustavi and offers comfortable and reasonably priced accommodation, seminar, and conference facilities for regional and international youth groups, schools, universities, and non-governmental organizations, as well asā€¦

Rustavi Auto Market (Buying a Car in Georgia)


RustaviĀ auto market is one of the most popular and useful places for buying a used car in Georgia (imported mostly from the US, but probably also from Asia and Europe).Ā  It was at the end of 2018, we decided to buy a car here in Georgia. After research on the most popular Georgian auto website myauto.geĀ we decided to stick with a Volkswagen Touareg Ā car (yes, damn expensive in exploitation, but safe) To get to the RustaviĀ I decided to call my old pal - Ramaz, sincere taxi driver. Ramaz helpedā€¦

Top hotels in Rustavi, Georgia


RustaviĀ cannot be proud of having top luxury hotels, like the one you can find in Georgian resort towns of Bakuriani, Gudauri, BatumiĀ or the nation's capital Tbilisi. The reasonĀ probably is plain simple - the close distance to Tbilisi city. On the other hand, Rustavi is known for it's racing track and huge auto market. Many international travelers from neighboring countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan are coming here to buy used and new vehicles.Ā  Continue reading to find outĀ top hotels inā€¦

History of Tram and Trolleybus systems in Tbilisi and Georgia


Currently (2022) there areĀ no tram or trolley lines in Tbilisi, but not so long ago in history, there were plenty of tram and trolleybus lines not only in Tbilisi but also in Batumi, Kutaisi, Gori, Zugdidi, Ozurgeti, Poti, Rustavi, and even Chiatura.Ā  What has happened to once pretty impressive routes of trams and trolleys in Georgia?Ā  I guess the harsh history happened. After the Collapse of the Soviet Union - Georgia got troubled with civil wars, and economic hardships so neither trams norā€¦