Notes from Tbilisi: Trading German Energy stocks, Dealing with Binance to transfer BUSD to Coinbase

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Greeting from Tbilisi. The weather is hot, air conditioners are running, but the autumn winds are also present. 

This morning I was looking at two European Stocks to trade options with Dutch ING bank or German E.ON. It turned out a holiday in the US (at least on the stock exchange), where Labourš day was observed, and the European market opened lower. Both ING and EON fell by more than 2% and I thought this is an opportunity.

Decided to test the waters with German E.ON and sold one put option with a September 16 expiry and strike price of EUR 8.4. Premium received EUR 18

With European stocks opening lower decided to write puts against German multinational energy and gas company E.ON. if expires worthless 2.14% potential income in about 12 days. If assigned - break even EUR 8.23. Wondering if is it already priced in or if we are set for even lower lows.

For the rest of the day, I wanted to do some blog writing, but then my fiancee called me and asked if could I assist her in opening a business account at the TBC bank office." So I left my work and rushed to rescue. When visiting the TBC main branch on Marjanishvili street,  we were told there is a concept bank or concept store and unfortunately no option to open a bank account here, instead, we should go to some regular branch. 

Before heading to another branch, we decided to have some light dinner. While sipping my cappuccino and talking about bank-related things I recommended opening a Coinbase account (the problem was related to crypto) and receiving payments in crypto instead. So with the cappuccino still hot, I helped to open a new Coinbase account. I thought - alright all is sorted out. No need for bank accounts (yet)

When returning back home from a bank opening/dinner adventure. I kept chatting about this issue and helped to organize the payment network, suggesting, that payment should be made in BTC to Coinbase address. The other party didn't agree but offered BUSD or BNB currencies. Then I asked if could I chat directly - and soon I was on telegram and talked to some person named Vanny about several thousand, maybe hundred thousand deal over some chat. Our topics were mostly about ERC-20 and BEP-2 networks, gas fees e.t.c

We are still in the process but will figure it out.

Spent the rest of the evening reading about ERC-20 and BEP-2 networls