Binance vs. SEC: Unraveling the 17% Plunge in My Crypto Portfolio


My crypto portfolio took a hit of about 17% last night after it was announced that SEC has sued Binance and its CEO CZ. Bitcoin price dropped from about $27,150 to $25,500. At the time of writing, I was holding about 0.1 BTC long futures, with my average buy price at $27,125. Trading with leverage is like a double-sided sword, it can make huge returns and it can also blow up your account easily. With my BTC estimated liquidation price (ELP) just under $25,000 I started to feel quite…

Notes from Tbilisi: Trading German Energy stocks, Dealing with Binance to transfer BUSD to Coinbase


Greeting from Tbilisi. The weather is hot, air conditioners are running, but the autumn winds are also present.  This morning I was looking at two European Stocks to trade options with Dutch ING bank or German E.ON. It turned out a holiday in the US (at least on the stock exchange), where Labourš day was observed, and the European market opened lower. Both ING and EON fell by more than 2% and I thought this is an opportunity. Decided to test the waters with German E.ON and sold one put option…