The Grand Documentary of 2017


The Grand Documentary of 2017 is a second part from the never-ending Grand Documentary series, originally set back in 2016. The Grand Documentary of 2017 is a 5 minutes and 23 seconds long short film documenting our lives back in 2017.  Filmed in various countries across the Globe throughout 2017, glued, polished, laminated, beaten and put together in Tbilisi, Georgia, using Premiere CC Places from the film: 3 Weeks in Crete (Complete Itinerary list) Weekend Trip To Kiev, Ukraine   P.S.…

3 Weeks in Crete (Complete Itinerary list)


This is a round-up post for our 3 weeks trip to Crete, Grece in June 2017, listing most of the places (tourism objects, hotels, restaurants, and more) In short, we fled from Tbilisi via Athens to Chania, see About Tbilisi - Athens - Chania (Greece) flight by Aegean Airlines,  spent some 8 hours in Athens, and arrived at Chania international airport from where our Cretan trip started. From the airport, we took a public bus (the price was cheap, some  EUR 2 per person, or something).  Once we…

Eden Beach Hotel Review in Agia Marina


During our about a month-long trip around the island of Crete back in 2017, we stayed at Agia Marina twice -  for about 2 nights at trips start and about 5 days at the end of the trip. For the start, we chose Vergina beach hotel which was good and for the end, we stayed at Eden Beach hotel apartment  - which was amazing. Eden Beach Hotel is set in Agia Marina Nea Kydonias and provides air-conditioned accommodation with free WiFi, as well as access to an outdoor swimming pool. Top 20…

La Playa Taverna Cafe Ouzeri Near Rethymno


And again I must say - strange how it works - I almost missed coordinates for this place but with a little investigation from pictures and help with Greek transliteration and even Greek car plate registration table I was able to locate this place finally on the map. Meet La Playa Taverna Cafe Ouzeri Near Rethymno Discovered during our latest trip to the island of Crete back in Summer 2017 ​ Beach near La Playa Taverna Cafe Ouzeri ​ Palms near La Playa Taverna Cafe Ouzeri Beautiful…

Galaxy Iraklio 5-star Hotel Review (Heraklion, Crete)


Located in Heraklion's elegant district, this 5-star hotel offers 2 gourmet restaurants, a free wellness centre and a large freshwater pool. Luxurious rooms feature balconies with pool and city views. We booked this hotel for a one night stay back in the Summer of 2017 and paid about EUR 100.  Top 5 star and Luxury hotels in Heraklion Disclosure: this article contains links to, by clicking on links on this page and by making a reservation on site, I might earn an…

Postcards from Crete


It has been now over a year since we visited the Greek island of Crete, during the past months I've already documented many stories from this trip. In today's Piece of Life series - one of the last days on the island back in 2017. Town in Crete The town is most probably Argiroupoli, as somewhere in this area we enjoyed a cup of coffee, see: Palios Mylos Restaurant Review near Argiroupoli Springs, Crete Rural Crete See: Discoveries in Crete - Rough Road To Balos Beach Narrow roads in…

Palios Mylos Restaurant Review near Argiroupoli Springs, Crete


Ahh, I love these lovely roadside cafeterias which are hard to locate, after visiting and leaving, on the map. This time I was lucky enough and turned out I had pictured the name of this place in Greek. A bit patience and usage of Greek language transliteration and here you go - found both the name and location of this place, meet Palios Mylos Restaurant near Argiroupoli Springs, Crete. Visited back in June 2017. Now it's hard to recall exact our route back then, but most probably we arrived…

Filenia Cretan Restaurant near Triopetra


Filenia restaurant was a really nice discovery after we checked in at Triopetra Notos Hotel  - traditional Cretan lamb (and not only) dishes. We were just driving around the area after caught a very beautiful sunset at the Libyan sea, see: Catching Sunset Photography at The Libyan See (Crete, Greece) Another lovely roadside restaurant in Crete Traditional Cretan lamb with pasta Specialty of house - honey filled pies

Catching Sunset Photography at The Libyan See (Crete, Greece)


The Libyan Sea is the portion of the Mediterranean Sea north of the African coast of ancient Libya, i.e. Cyrenaica, and Marmarica (the coast of what is now eastern Libya and western Egypt, between Tobruk and Alexandria).This designation was used by ancient geographers describing the southern Mediterranean, but the term is also used by modern travel writers and cartographers. The southern coastline of Crete which borders the Libyan Sea includes the Asterousia Mountains and Mesara Plain; this…

Triopetra Notos Hotel Review in Crete, Greece


Triopetra in Crete is among the most abandoned places I've traveled lately, if they wouldn't have a sea and a lovely beach, I would compare this place to the remote and almost abandoned desert village in Georgia, Udabno. During our about one-month road trip around the island of Crete, we stayed at Triopetra Notos hotel for one night on June 11, 2017 and spend about EUR 50 for a hotel room. According to website, there are not many hotels located in Triopetra, but during our short…