Gori restaurants

Villa Park Gori


If there is a reason to visit Gori in Georgia, then a visit to Villa Park Gori restaurant in Georgia would be at the top of my priorities. Villa Park Gori is an elite-class restaurant in Gori, with comfortable spaces and a variety of dishes. Located on Tskhinvali highway a few kilometers out of the Gori town. My friend David took us here at the end of January 2022 Tasty Georgian and European cuisine. Live music. English speaking staff. Awesome. We spent here a few hours drinking red wine…

Restaurant at Georgia Gold Hotel in Gori


Georgia Gold is a 4-star hotel located just in the heart of Gori, Georgia. Seems this place has been opened to the public just recently.  Anyhow, we didn't stay here for a night, but come for a breakfast and got some of the most delicious ones.  We stayed overnight in Gori at another,  Royal house hotel, but in the morning decided to check out early and look for some fancy breakfast place. I remembered about this place and here we come. We were greated by English speaking and very firendly…

Latvian - Georgian Cafe 4You in Gori


Now besides hostel in Tbilisi, Latvians have a cafe in Gori Latvian - Georgian Cafe 4You is located on Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue 34, Gori.  Opened for the public in 2018, this place serves pastry, cakes and a huge menu of a different kind of meals (both Latvian and Georgian style), you can get here both some salty Gori style cutlets and even Kiev's cutlet, not to speak about salad olive and more.  Overall feeling  - The Soviet Obshchepit (общепит) - sometimes I just can't resist it. lol…