Cafe Pāvilostas Enkurs


Cafe Pāvilostas Enkurs is located on Dzinstaru street 69 in Latvian Summer Capital Pavilosta. they serve fish and chips, pizza, and traditional Latvian cold soup here.  One of the best fish and chips I've tried in Latvia Seems like a popular place in Pāvilosta, many tourists Give it a try once in Pavilosta

Summer in Latvia 2021


Summer in Latvia 2021 or this is how we spent an awesome one month in Latvia. From getting a vaccine at Akropolis shopping mall in Riga to wild beaches near Pape. From a wooden boat in Pāvilosta to yacht in Ķīšezers. Made a ton of hyper lapses, ate a ton of birthday cakes, and more. Enjoy the video!

Hotel Butterfly House in Pāvilosta


Set some 3 km from the city center of Pāvilosta  Butterfly House offers accommodation with free WiFi, BBQ facilities, a garden, and free private parking. We booked this place for a 2-night stay in mid-July and paid EUR 266. We chose this hotel as we were looking for some nice place to stay and throw a birthday party for our 3-year-old daughter. It seems we booked the most spacious room, some 100m2 and were able to accomodate up to 8 guests, which we actually did, some of our birthday guess…

Pāvilosta / Jūrkalne 4K HDR / DJI Mavic Air 2


Good day at Pāvilosta and Jūrkalne seashore bluffs. Did some 4K HDR filming with DJI Mavic AIR 2 Filmed November 15, 2020 Music by Scott Holmes - Sunset moments

Kitesurfing Pāvilosta


Seems Pāvilosta is a popular spot for kitesurfing among surfers from the Baltics. It was on mid-June 2017 we decided to visit lovely white sand beaches near Pāvilosta piers when I noticed some kitesurfer gathering. Seems there was a good wind that day. As I was equipped with my gear and a telephoto glass - I made some photography here. A piece of Life, after all.  Kitesurfing in Pāvilosta Actually, I'm not sure what is the name of this activity - kitesurfing or kiteboarding. According to…

Campsite 'Miera Osta' near Pāvilosta


I'm a huge admirer of Latvian seashore town of Pāvilosta. I guess I first discovered it just last year. This Summer we spent many trips to Pāvilosta and vicinity - just by doing nothing - wandering around.  The other weekend we found a new road end and decided to give it a try - at the end we were met by the campsite Miera Osta located near white sand Baltic seashore, some 240km from nation's capital Riga. Tree house Kids will enjoy this, and you can actually rent this tree house for about…

Chasing Sunset Photography with a Strong Foreground (Pāvilosta / Jūrkalne)


Chasing sunset photography with a strong foreground is a brief story, which happened on the next day after Summer Solstice. We took our moms and a little doggie and decided to visit coastal Latvian beaches.  At start we headed to Pāvilosta piers, I left girls wandering around while installed a tripod and thought I will make a few HDR's here. I have been into HDR photography since the day 1 I discovered this lovely technique back in Tbilisi. The rule of thumb for a great HDR is so called Golden…

Postcards from Pāvilosta


In today's Piece of Life photo series - Postcards from Pāvilosta. I made an article about Pāvilosta and Pāvilosta's lighthouse a while ago. This time we headed to Pāvilosta in company of five after we celebrated Summer Solstice.  I was equipped with a tripod and I already knew - I will catch a sunset today Pāvilosta piers Much of the Pāvilosta history and foundation is related to harbor here - Information(link is external) about the history of Pavilosta dates back to the period of Duke…

Guest House / Restaurant 'Āķa Gals' in Pāvilosta


If there is a reason I would love to return to Latvian coastal town of Pāvilosta - cuisine served at restaurant Āķa Gals will be probably at top of my priorities.  Cozy tavern located in the dunes of Pāvilosta, only 100 meters from the sea, is a great place for celebrations, relaxation and recreation with family and friends. Guesthouse / Tavern Āķagals in Pāvilosta Visitors both of simple and refined tastes will enjoy traditional Latvian dishes and international cuisine served in pleasant …

Pāvilosta piers and Lighthouse


If planing your trip to Latvian coastal town of Pāvilosta don't forget to plan a trip to Pāvilosta piers, grab your camera and make some stunning sunset photography here.  I first visited the piers of Pāvilosta and the town at the end of Summer 2015, and let me express my desire to acquire a small summer cottage here, thus I you plan to make some investments here - hurry up, a lot of foreigner have already bought real-estate at this Latvian coastal town and the prices might be up (haven't…