Paravani lake


Paravani lake is a volcanic lake in Georgia, located in Javakheti Plateau between Abul-Samsari and Javakheti Ranges in the Samthske Javakheti region, some 2h 30 minutes drive (around 130 km) from Tbilisi. In the shores of Paravani lake, there is located famous Phoka monastery Paravani Lake is located 2,073 m (6,801 ft) above sea level and has a surface area of 37.5 km2 (14.5 sq mi) and a drainage basin of 234 km2 (90 sq mi). Its maximum and average depths are 3.3 m (11 ft) and 2.2 m (7 ft 3…

Wooden church near Paravani Lake / Phoka monastery


Poka St.Nino Nunnery - is located at the shore of Paravani lake, Ninotsminda Municipality, South Georgia. The Little Wooden church is located bit outside the Poka village, on the left side on Tbilisi - Kojori - Tsalka - Ninotsminda road. That' s how we actually found this place. We were heading from Ninotsminda and wanted to make a stop at the famous Phoka nunnery, but at first found this lovely woodend church near the Paravani lake. Just later we learned that the nunnery is actually located…

Phoka Nunnery in Georgia


Phoka – a village in Georgia, In the municipality of Ninotsminda, Samtskhe-Javakheti region, on the shores of Lake Paravani, with an altitude of 2080 meters above sea level. Distance to Ninotsminda – 28 Km, to Tbilisi – 128 Km. There are a public school and St. Nino operational monasteries and nunneries in the village. There are a parish school and a medical inspection room as well as a studio of  cloisonne enamel for manufacturing icons and holy vessels at the nunnery.  From 1999 by the…