Phoka Nunnery in Georgia

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Phoka – a village in Georgia, In the municipality of Ninotsminda, Samtskhe-Javakheti region, on the shores of Lake Paravani, with an altitude of 2080 meters above sea level.

Distance to Ninotsminda – 28 Km, to Tbilisi – 128 Km.

Phoka nunnery in Georgia

There are a public school and St. Nino operational monasteries and nunneries in the village. There are a parish school and a medical inspection room as well as a studio of  cloisonne enamel for manufacturing icons and holy vessels at the nunnery.

 From 1999 by the blessing of the Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II the day of arrival of St. Nino to Georgia has been being celebrated on each 1st of June. At the Day of Saint Nino, synod eparch, priesthood and parish are presented. Baptism is performed in the Paravani Lake.

Paravani Lake near the Phoka village

Ruins of a burg have been preserved in the village where some building layers belonging to the pre- and early feudal era can be distinguished.

In 1979 treasure of silver coins belonging to Ilkhans was discovered, which included 155 silver dirhams. The oldest coin in the treasure bears a date of 1310, and the latest one bears a date of 1316. The treasury of Poka must have been buried after 1317. It is reposited in S. Janashia State Museum of Georgia.

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