Rike Park

Rike Park Concert Hall - Music Theater and Exhibition


As the name suggests, the Rike Park Concert Hall is located inside the territory of Rike Park, Tbilisi.   The other name Music Theatre and Exhibition hall Rike park concert hall in Tbilisi The project site is located inside the green area called Rike Park, in Tbilisi, Georgia. The building consists of two different soft shaped elements that are connected as a unique body at the retaining wall. Every shape has its own function: The north part of the building contains the Musical Theatre…

My First Drone Video / DJI MAVIC MINI


Here comes my first drone video filmed with DJI Mavic Mini drone. DJI Mini Mavic Drone Review Filming locations: our Tbilisi apt, Lisi lake, Rike Park, Dashbashi Canyon. Cinematic music for dramas effect by Scott Holmes / Humanity Quickly made with Adobe Premiere Pro July 2020, Tbilisi

First Georgia Expat Photographer Club Meeting


On September 19th, 2015 First meeting of Georgia Expat Photographers Club happened. As some of you already know - in the middle of this Summer Johann approached me with his idea to create a photo/travel club, and back then we established a community on Facebook. Read more on that here: Georgia Expat Photography Club Since our community was established on Facebook (if you are up to for something in Georgia, then Facebook is your best friend) we quickly gathered critical mass of fellow expats…

Rike Park In Tbilisi


Rike park is a landscaped territory located close to the Tbilisi Old Town. You can enter Rike park either crossing the pedestrian bridge of Peace or from the opposite side using stairways from the Avlabari district. There is an aerial tram in the territory of the park which will bring you up to the fortress of Narikala.  The Bridge of Peace The Bridge of Peace is a pedestrian bridge used to enter Rike park from Tbilisi old town, in the opposite side at the park you can climb down or up…

The Bridge Of Peace In Tbilisi


The Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi is a pedestrian bridge and one of the most famous tourist spots in the city. It connects district of Tbilisi Old Town with Rike Park over a river of Mtkvari. This bridge is relatively young, it was opened for public just in 2010. I first discovered this bridge back in 2011, when I first arrived to Georgia. Back then I rented a spacious room in unusual hostel in district of Avlabari, and my first days in Tbilisi I spent there. Just in my third day I decided to…