Georgia - Russia Friendship monument near Gudauri


Georgia - the land of many wonders A drone flight around Georgia - Russia Friendship Monument near Gudauri DJI Mavic mini, August 16th, 2020 Music by Scott Holmes - Epic Cinematographic

Top 10 Countries By Proven Natural Gas Reserves


While I was waiting for a draft resolution from a natural gas distributing company listed on the stock market which shares I own, I decided to learn more about the topic - Natural gas, and one of the really interesting subjects to explore - Natural Gas Reserves by country. But before getting straight to the numbers, let's find out more about Natural gas: Why it's important and what you need to know As the world looks to diversify its energy mix one source, natural gas, is becoming…

Documentary "The Black August. Default" About Russia's Financial Crisis in 1998


20 years ago, Russia experienced one of the most devastating crises in its recent history — on 17 August 1998 the government defaulted.  Today I watched an interesting documentary in Russian - Черный август. Дефолт, documentary tells about events and causes which led to the default. What really caught my attention was the GKO, or  Государственное Краткосрочное Обязательство GKO are short-term zero-coupon government bonds issued by the Russian Finance Ministry and trade on the Moscow Inter…

Invest in Russia - Peer to Peer Lending on marketplace


Got another promotional e-mail from peer to peer lending marketplace, informing about the opportunity to invest in Russia issued loans in roubles (RUB) by EcoFinance. It's said that interest rates are up to 17% in Roubles. Well, you shouldn't be a genius and already knew all the bad stuff happening with the Russian Rouble (not to speak about the overall Russian economy), frankly speaking it doesn't seem even interesting for me this time, on the other hand, if I were located in…

Russia–Georgia Friendship Monument


In fact I had to open a Wikipedia to learn the name of this place, as I mistakenly thought this is just some cool viewing platform located high in the Caucasus mountains, built by Soviets. Turns out it's not only built by Soviets, but bears the name of The Russia–Georgia Friendship Monument Located on the Georgian Military Highway between the ski resort town of Gudauri and the Jvari pass, the monument is a large round stone and concrete structure overlooking the Devil's Valley in the Caucasus…

Average Monthly Salary in Former Soviet Union Republics 2016


About two years ago I first compared average monthly salary in Former Soviet Union Republics. Now, two years later, I decided to compare again. I was surprised after seeing results. Let me explain. First - call it as you wish - major world economic crisis, sanctions against Russia, better integrated or worst integrated parts of the World, but after seeing huge drops in all but Baltic States and Armenia's average salary for me it seems, those countries are still very closely related with Russia…

Projected Future Forecast For GDP In Former Soviet Union Block Countries (2014-2019)


In past I have created many GDP reviews regarding former Soviet Union republics, but have never made future GDP forecast report yet. In this article that's exactly what I'm doing. Now, Soviet Union doesn't exist for more than 25 years already. Those former 15 republics have gone more or less separate way since dissolution of USSR.   There has happened some geopolitical changes over last 25 years, starting of dissolution of USSR, formation of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), three of…

China, Russia and DPRK to set up "visa-free" tourist zone on Tumen river delta on border of three countries


China is planning an international tourism zone in its northeastern border area with Russia and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). The Tumen River Delta international tourism area will include part of China's Hunchun City, as well as a 10 sq km plot each from Russia and DPRK, said the government of China's Jilin Province. The three sides will jointly build tourism facilities. At the ongoing annual session of the provincial legislature, Jiang Chaoliang, governor of Jilin, said…

Proposed New High Speed Rail Line - Moscow - Beijing could cost ~$ 230 bln


<p>While <a href="">… are building it's super expensive project Khazar Islands</a> with estimate costs of ~ $100 bln, Russians together with Chinese are looking to build a high speed rail connecting Moscow to Beijing in 33 hours with estimate cost of around $230 bln.</p><p><img src="…; alt="Russia…

Understanding the Importance of Russia-Armenia Relations


Russia and Armenia share a long history of cultural, political, and economic ties, with the former playing a significant role in the development of the latter. Both countries have been closely linked since the days of the Soviet Union, with Armenia being one of the fifteen republics of the Soviet Union. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia continued to maintain a strong relationship with Armenia. Political Relations: The political relationship between Russia and Armenia has…