Dadiani Palace


Dadiani Palace is an interesting site to visit once in Zugdidi, there is actually located the histroy and architecture musem. The Dadiani Palaces History and Architecture Museum is considered to be one of the most eminent palaces in the Caucasus. It is a Neo-Gothic building. I had heard so much about this place, but finally visited and took off my bucket list at the end of September 2023, during a few-day Svaneti trip together with my mom. We were traveling with Vazha, our good old friend and…

Svaneti movie


After over a decade in exile, the moment finally arrived – I set foot in the enchanting region of Svaneti last weekend, and the experience was nothing short of magical. Accompanied by our trusted friend, Vazha, we embarked on a road trip that traced the scenic route from Kutaisi to Mestia and Ushguli, with a return via Leteknhi. This four-day sojourn unfolded like a cinematic narrative, with each stop revealing the rich tapestry of Svaneti's beauty and cultural heritage.A Journey through Time:…

History of Tram and Trolleybus systems in Tbilisi and Georgia


Currently (2022) there are no tram or trolley lines in Tbilisi, but not so long ago in history, there were plenty of tram and trolleybus lines not only in Tbilisi but also in Batumi, Kutaisi, Gori, Zugdidi, Ozurgeti, Poti, Rustavi, and even Chiatura.  What has happened to once pretty impressive routes of trams and trolleys in Georgia?  I guess the harsh history happened. After the Collapse of the Soviet Union - Georgia got troubled with civil wars, and economic hardships so neither trams nor…