Eagle Canyon / Gorge

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Eagle Canyon also Eagle Gorge or Artsivi Gorge is located close to the town of Dedoplitskaro in Georgia.

The natural monument represents a unique complex consisting of two sites. The first one is a limestone rock canyon, while the other is an adjacent forested area, where the Khornabuji fortress was built (V c).

I first discovered this great canyon at the start of June 2021, during a Vashlovani trip. 

Entrance at the Eagle Canyon

There is a little rangers cabin at the main entrance inside the canyon

The canyon with a picturesque landscape is a home to several birds of prey (eagle, vulture etc.). Looking at the hanging cliffs from the rocky slopes of the gorge, it is possible to observe nests of eagles and other rare/extinct plants, which cannot be seen anywhere else in Georgia.

Eagle canyon

The length is of the pedestrian route is 1 km, which can be covered in 1 hour.

The length of the pedestrian route to Khornabuji fortress is 0.5 km and it can be covered in 30 minutes.

Eagle canyon

The natural monument itself is in 4 km to the north of Dedoplistskaro. 2 km of the road is paved and the other 2 km is a gravel road laid in the forest.

  • Tbilisi - Dedoplistskaro - 2 hrs by car;
  • Dedoplistskaro – Eagle gorge - 15 min by car.
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