Piloru oak grove

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Pilori Oak grove is located on the banks of Lake Ežezers in the region of Latgale. Total area is about 19.6 ha

It is one of the rare oak groves in Latvia with a nature protection status granted already in 1928. The oldest oaks are around 300-400 years old.

Pilori Oak grove in Latgale

I first learned of this grove at the start of August during a weekend trip to the region of Latgale.

The oak grove is located aside from Ezernieki – Andzeļi road, there is a small parking lot, trail, informational stand, and recreation area with footbridge, with a view on the Lake Ežezers North bay and islands.

Camping area at Pilori oak grove

This is amazing, free camping area with a fireplace. I wish to return here and grill some fish.

Lake Ežezers bear Pilori oak grove
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