Birthday in Latgale


While editing the "Big Documentary Film 2022"  and while working with August 2022 video files - I made an additional, short film - a wonderful weekend, during which we traveled from Ječi to Andzeli - visiting Koknese, Varakļani, Rēzekne, Daugpili, Dagdu - a couple of lakes and more. Latgale is cool, go to Latgale! Enjoy the video and thumbs up!

14 Things to Do in Latgale


In this article, I will share some notes and points of interest from our latest trip to Latgale at the start of August 2022. to celebrate my 37th birthday. Our trip actually started a few days earlier on the other side of Latvia. Since this Summer we own a little summer house near Liepāja. Also, we have an apartment near Kuldīga, and back in that Summer, we had a flat in Riga. We started from Jēči with a stop at Pape, Vilgāle, and an overnight stay at our Apartment in Riga. The next morning…

Guest house / Glamping Laimes taure


Located in the village Vabole, the region of Latgale in Latvia, some 20 km from Daugavpils, guest house Laimes taure offers accommodation with a garden, water sports facilities, a terrace, and free WiFi. We booked this place for a one night stay, during our trip to the region of Latgale at the start of August 2022. As it was also my birthday, I was turning 37, my better part surprised me, by booking a stay inside a glamping tent and hot pool in the eveining.  The hosts prepared grilled fish…

Basilica of the Assumption, Aglona


The Aglona Roman Catholic Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Aglona is one of the most important Catholic spiritual centers in Latvia. I have visited Aglona cathedral several times and always have left quite inspired. If there is a reason to visit Latgale,then Aglona Catholoc cathedral is atop of them. Construction of the present church, which is in the Italian Baroque style, began in 1768 and was completed in 1780. Dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, it was…

Christ The King Mount


Christ the King Mount (Kristus Karaļa kalns) is located near the Aglona Basilica in Latgale. This place have been opened to the public in 2006. Several large wooden sculptures depicting biblical characters can be seen here.  This is a great place to visit for pilgrims and rest. I first visited this place back in 2010, with my latest visit here at the start of August 2022 This is a unique sculpture complex, with orchards of 650 ornamental plants. More than 120 fruit trees, with artificial…

Piloru oak grove


Pilori Oak grove is located on the banks of Lake Ežezers in the region of Latgale. Total area is about 19.6 ha It is one of the rare oak groves in Latvia with a nature protection status granted already in 1928. The oldest oaks are around 300-400 years old. I first learned of this grove at the start of August during a weekend trip to the region of Latgale. The oak grove is located aside from Ezernieki – Andzeļi road, there is a small parking lot, trail, informational stand, and recreation area…

Lake Ežezers


Lake Ežezers is located in Kraslava municipality, in Ezernieku and Andzeļu parishes. It is the richest island lake in Latvia and even in the whole Baltic region. There are 35 islands in a total area of 77.6 ha and 70 islands formations or shoals. From the lake flows out river Narūta, which is one of the Daugava’s basin rivers. I first visited this lake back in 2010, when learned that my grandfather has been from this area (Village Andzeļi) We returned here for a tranquil evening at the start…