Saint Dimitri Tesalonikeli Fathers Moanstery near Mtksheta

This is a little monastery near Mtskheta, best reached via Mtskheta-Shiomghvime monastery road.

That's how we actually discovered this place at the end of May 2020 - during a random drive to the Shio-Mgvime monastery, we looked for some nice picnic areas to dine outdoors, we did a few stops here and there until noticed this place.

We didn't picnic here, but in the nearby forest after a brief trip to the monastery.

Probably not as impressive as the Jvari monastery or Svetistkhoveli cathedral in Mtshekta this place has some magic.

Little wooden roadside in Georgian

Little wooden roadside in Georgian 

The monastery complex is at the end of the road. Next to the monastery, there is a forest park and some horseback riding activities.

At the entrance of the entrance, we met monks, and they allowed us to come inside to take look around and take some photographs. 

A little church

A little church

There is a little church inside. What's interesting they are using solar power to generate electricity here. Very modern and sustainable. 

Wooden loghouses inside the monastery

Wooden log houses inside the monastery

I'm not an expert on monastery living, but I have seen these loghouses around the world.

We are planing come back to this road and visit more monasteries, and they are many here.



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