The Grand Documentary of 2019


Almost 38.8 GB (676 clips short clips per year) footage resulted in almost 2 hours of film. (1h 56 m). As every year - documentary cinema - in the style of home video, but we have thought about your vestibular aparatus - trying to avoid the tremors of the hands and the desire to work with and around the zoom as much as possible (undoubtedly, the couple places ar filmed in a manual mode). Filming with a tripod and a baby on the move is difficult The length of the film is determined by its main…

Italy/Switzerland Travel Guide


This is yet another roundup post listing places from our latest trip to Italy and Switzerland at the end of 2019. Long story short - we travel to Italy's Bergamo by Ryanair from Tbilisi airport, took a rental car, and went to cool places both in Italy and Switzerland. To make it more fun we traveled together with our 16 months old toddler Also, see my notes from the 2015/2016 travels - My Italy Travel Guide

Orio Center Shopping Mall in Bergamo


Located next to the Bergamo airport, Orio center is one of the largest shopping centers in Italy. We visited this shopping mall in mid-November 2019, a day before departing back to Tbilisi from the Bergamo airport. Arrived here from Hotel 'Castello Visconteo' in Cassano dʼAdda, Italy in the late evening, some 2 hours before the mall was closing. Bought some goodies and ate at KFC Orio Center in Bergamo In front of the Orio al Serio international airport you can find one of the largest…

Hotel 'Castello Visconteo' in Cassano dʼAdda, Italy


Castello Visconteo is a 13th-century fortress located in Cassano d'Adda, Italy. We booked a hotel room here for a one night back in November 15, 2019 and paid about EUR 100 for that. We choose to book this hotel as it was pretty close to the Bergamo airport, as on the second day we had a flight back to Tbilisi Stay at this hotel left an authentic medieval time feeling.  Our room at Castello Visconteo Rooms at Castello Visconteo are air conditioned and come with parquet floors. Free WiFi…

Milano Centrale railway station


Milano Centrale is the main railway station of the city of Milan, Italy, and is the largest railway station in Europe by volume. The station is a terminus and located at the northern end of central Milan. It was officially inaugurated in 1931 to replace the old central station (built 1864), which was a transit station but with a limited number of tracks and space, so could not handle the increased traffic caused by the opening of the Simplon tunnel in 1906. It was back in Summer 2003, when I…

Restaurant 'Vero Cinese' Milan (via Boscovich)


Restaurant 'Vero Cinese'  is located on Boscovich street in Milan, Italy. This place serves Chinese cuisine.  We had a chance to dine here in November 2019, during our few day trip to Italy, with stop in Milano.  I find it always interesting browsing through the travel photos and finding these places on map. It wasn't hard to map Ristorante Vero Cinese. Restaurant 'Vero Cinese' Milan (via Boscovich) We were traveling with our toddler baby girl, so we ordered something toddler friendly.…

Hotel Berna Milan


Hotel Berna is a 4-star hotel,  located 200 m from Milan Central Train Station and Metro.  Free tea, coffee and snacks are available all day. All rooms are soundproofed and include air conditioning, free WiFi and a satellite LCD TV.  We booked here a stay back in November 2019 for a couple of days and paid about $200 for our stay here (don't remember anymore,  was it one night or two nights).  The hotel indeed is centrally located, we decided to come here from another hotel in Milan, see …

Buenos Aires (Milan Shopping Street)


Corso Buenos Aires is a major street in north-eastern Milan, Italy. With over 350 shops and outlets, it features the highest concentration of clothing stores in Europe. The architecture of the area is mostly late 19th- and 20th-century style; the street and its surroundings are pointed with several neo-classical and art nouveau buildings. I had a chance to visit Corso Buenos Aires back at the end of 2019, during our about a week-long trip to Italy Corso Buenos Aires Corso Buenos Aires is…

Hotel 'San Francisco' Milan


Hotel San Francisco is a 5-minute walk from the Politecnico di Milano University. Rooms offer free Wi-Fi and a TV. Loreto Metro Station is just 300 m away. We booked this hotel for a one night stay during our trip to Italy, Switzerland back in November 2019. The price we paid was not very high (some $60 or $80 per night) The hotel is pretty much centrally located, as we arrived here wit a rental car we parked in on the nearby street and were paying about EUR 3 per day (they charged parking…

Lindt Factory Shop Induno Oluno


This Lindt factory shop is located in the town of Induno Oluno (Varese), Italy on Largo Edoardo Bulgheroni street 1. Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AG, more commonly known simply as Lindt, is a Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company founded in 1845 and known for its chocolate truffles and chocolate bars, among other sweets. We visited this factory shop in mid-November 2019, during our about a week-long trip to Italy and Switzerland. As we had a hotel booked in Induno Oluno (Villa…