Travellers from Poland, Germany and Greece Among Top countries from European Union visiting Georgia - EU From Total Just 4.21%

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According to Georgian National Tourism Administration in 2014 there was a total of  5 493 492 international travelers arriving to Georgia, what is a increase of 1.9% compared to previous year (2013)

Most of the travelers arrive from following 5 countries - Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine, if counted together international travelers from those 5 countries makes 4 992 934 or saying in percentage - makes 90.88% of total travelers,  leaving the rest of the World travelers with 500, 588 (9,22%)

I decided to count - how many travelers arrives to Georgia from European Union member states

  2013 2014 % Change
Poland 36,946 46,024 19.72%
Germany 30,815 33,315 7.50%
Greece 22,024 21,408 -2.87%
United Kingdom 16,672 18,492 9.84%
France 14,239 14,023 -1.54%
Bulgaria 10,878 11,016 1.25%
Lithuania 5,647 10,858 47.99%
Italy 9,677 10,381 6.78%
Netherlands 8,181 8,802 7.05%
Latvia 6,336 7,805 18.82%
Czech Republic 6,562 6,240 -5.16%
Austria 5,758 6,096 5.54%
Spain 4,723 5,396 12.47%
Sweden 4,182 4,383 4.58%
Belgium 3,763 4,309 12.67%
Romania 3,524 4,105 14.15%
Estonia 3,721 3,419 -8.83%
Hungary 1,880 2,658 29.27%
Denmark 2,501 2,348 -6.51%
Slovakia 1,836 1,997 8.06%
Finland 3,331 1,880 -77.18%
Ireland 1,381 1,795 23.06%
Portugal 1,098 1,433 23.37%
Croatia 1,329 1,062 -25.14%
Slovenia 0,937 1,015 7.68%
Cyprus 0,550 0,783 29.75%
Luxembourg 0,175 0,215 18.60%
Malta 0,088 0,144 38.88%
  208,754 231,402 9.78%

Data source (Georgian National Tourism Administration)

Most travelers visiting Georgia from European Union member states comes from Poland (46,024), Germany (33,315) and Greece (21,408).

Speaking of Greece - I believe many Greek passport holders are actual Georgians who have got citizenship of Greece. I'm not so sure regarding Germany, but I believe some percent of ethnic Georgians holding German passports are as well.

The biggest traveler increase is from Lithuania, up from 5,647 in 2013 to 10,858 in 2014, making a total of 47.99% increase -  as I believe is thanks to a new direct flights connecting Vilnius with Kutaisi

I find it interesting to learn that travelers from Finland (-77%) and Estonia (-8,83%) has decreased in 2014. That led me to think following - while I believe Lithuanian travelers have increased to Georgia, mainly thanks to cheap direct Vilnius - Kutaisi flights with Wizz Air, Finns and Estonians have decreased "thanks" to canceled line - Tallinn - Tbilisi, performed by Estonian Air. I might be wrong, but that's my subjective opinion.

Another interesting trend to observe is Hungarian travelers to Georgia, on autumn of 2014, the same Wizz air launched direct flights from Budapest to Kutaisi, and we can see that Hungarian traveler count to Georgia has increased already by 29% in 2014, well in total nothing impressive, making 2,658 travelers in 2014, but I guess this number could crack 10,000 milestone this (2015) year.

My overall evaluation of following traveler trend from European Union to Georgia is - it's really really modest result.

I mean, if in 2014 there were a total of 5,4 million travelers to Georgia, and just a 0,23 million travelers of them were from European Union, it's a tiny fraction in overall pot, making just 4,21%. It is a very very tiny result. Well I'm not saying it's bad that vast majority of international travelers to Georgia arrives from it's neighboring countries, like Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan or Armenia, I'm saying that there is a huge potential to attract more travelers from European Union.

I believe that those ones who arrives from Germany, Sweden or even Estonia will be those ones who will stay at hotels, eat at restaurants, ski at mountains and spend more euros, so needed for Georgian economy. 

So the question I would like to ask now - why there is such low percentage of travelers from European Union to Georgia?

Is it a lack of services, not being well informed of travel options to Georgia? Or maybe Georgia just isn't a very attractive country for travelers from European Union?


International travel statistics describe the dynamics of inbound and outbound travelers registered at 19 border checkpoints. The list of border checkpoints is provided below:
  • Air: Tbilisi International Airport, Batumi International Airport
  • Sea: Poti port, Batumi port, Kulevi port
  • Land: Tbilisi, Akhkerpi, Guguti, Vale, Vakhtangisi, Ninotsminda, Sadakhlo (air and railway border checkpoints), Sarpi, Kazbegi, Tsodna, Tsiteli Khidi, Gardabani, Samtatskaro, Kulevi
International travel statistics are provided by the Information Centre in the Information and Analytical Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
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