Turtle Lake from a Drone flight

Turtle lake is a direct English translation of Kus Tba (Georgian: კუს ტბა), a small lake at the outskirts of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, so named due to the perceived abundance of turtles living in these places.

Turtle lake is a very popular recreational area both for locals and foreigners, so it's just that time I'm submitting it as another tourist attraction in Tbilisi.

We have been heading to the Turtle Lake in all seasons, I have made here both HDR's and panoramic photos, but a drone photo not yet. It was at the end of July 2020, when I got my fisrt drone - DJI mini Mavic, and as I was still learning how to operate this this - Turtle lake seemed like an ideal spot for a drone photography

Turtle lake from a drone flight

Turtle lake from a drone flight