TerraM Crypto Hedge Fund Portfolio February 2023

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On December 2022, we minted 10,000 TerraM coins on the Solana network with an aim to raise $10,000 capital for options trades on Ethereum via the Deribit trading platform.

We are struggling of raising the capital, with myself still being the largest seed investor in the project yet. When launching the project I was somehow more optimistic and thought by this time of the year we will be, if not already fully funded, then at least halfway there. Not so easy.

No matter that, from the existing funds invested, the TerraM crypto hedge fund grow more than 16% month over month, reaching a total value of $1,631.28 at the end of February 2023. 

TerraM Crypto Hedge Fund Value at the end of February 2023

From the closed option trades with Ethereum on the Deribit trading platform last month, we were able to book 0.0673 ETH / $111.58 USD profit.

Profit was distributed in form of additional TerraM coins to the token holders from the TerraM token address with balances larger than 20 TerraM. Any uninvested token profit was kept on the Deribit trading platform to increase buying power.

When losing a trade, we try to roll it out for a profit, sometimes it can take a week or two, sometimes longer, sometimes never. We don't book a loss, until we are in recovery mode, also we don’t book a profit if there is a profit in some particular week, but the trade itself yet is underwater.

The growth is encouraging, as the ETH coin actually slipped some -2.69% last month. 

ETH price February 2023

At the end of February 2023, The total ETH amount in recovery: was -0.6082 ETH

Since the inception of the TerraM crypto hedge fund, we have already made and distributed $585.72

Assets under TerraM management

Asset Count Rate Value (MoM)
USDC 243.36 (+17.09) $1.00 $243.36 (+17.09)
ETH 0.0709 (+0.04) $1,571.72 $111.43 (+62.21)
BTC 0.00148472 (+0.00021386) $22,398.40 $33.26 (+3.87)
SOL 0.483459038(+0.13611989) $23.91 $11.56 (+3.28)
Tradeable ETH 0.766 (+0.0823) $1,571.72 $1,203.94 (+114.91)
      $1,603.55 (+201.37)

At the end of February 2023 TerraM crypto hedge funds' total value was $1,603.55 (+201.37) if compared to January 2023)

Forecast  / Goals For March 2023

I've no idea where the price of Ethereum will head in March 2023, but I'm looking to grow TerraM crypto hedge fund value by at least 5%, which would ask for either additional investment or rock-solid performance.

When focusing on growing naturally. I will be happy if will manage to take a 5% yield in the month of march. On 16 hundred that would be about +$80

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