TerraM Crypto Hedge Fund Portfolio Updates December 2022

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On December 12, 2022, I minted 10,000 TerraM coins on the Solana network with an aim to raise $10,000 capital for options trades on Ethereum via the Deribit trading platform.

We didn't raise the capital yet, but we did have a quite good month.

Besides minting and listing tokens for sale on the Raydium network, from the capital raised (I'm the single largest investor) we were able to book a $176.09 profit. That would give about an 11.38% yield.

ETH price December 2022

We were able to grow TerraM by 11.38% despite Ethereum actually dropping by more than -5% last month

All profits were distributed back to the token holders

TerraM Assets

Here are the assets under TerraM control (as of December 31, 2022)

Asset Count Rate Value
USDC 131.43 $1.00 $131.43
ETH 0.0859 $1,199.57 $103.04
BTC 0.00048049 $16,560.00 $7.96
Tradeable ETH 1.109 $1,199.57 $1,330.32

On the last day, od December TerraM crypto hedge funds' total value was $1,572.72, which makes the value for one TerraM coin = $0.1572, but as we are still in fundraising and more than 7,700 TerraM coins are available for investment, the base value for 1 TerraM coin is $1 or let's say this TerraM crypto hedge fund was invested at about 15.72% at the end of December 2022.


While we have set the 1:1 ratio exchange ratio between TerraM and USD, on the Raydium network 1 TerraM was trading at $0.89165

Forecast  / Goals For January 2023

I've no idea where the price of Ethereum will head in January 2023, but I'm looking to grow TerraM crypto hedge fund value close to $2,000, that would ask either additional investment or rock solid investment.

When focusing on growing naturally. I will be happy if will manage to repeat the 11% yield in the month of January. On 15 hundred that would be about +$165

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