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<p>TerraM uses the capital raised to sell options on Ethereum, any profit incurred from options is distributed back to the TerraM token.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Visit the official website:&nbsp;<a href="https://terramatris.eu/terram-token">TerraM Token</a></p>


TerraMatris Crypto Hedge Fund Portfolio Value reaches $1,969.78 in March 2024


Terramatris is a private crypto investment hedge fund started back in August, 2023, by me. The fund is privately held and is not publicly registered under any specific jurisdiction. Though, its available to participate in the fund via Raydium liquidity pool by swapping USDC against TerraM.March was stellar in terms for the crypto growth, we managed to grow our portfolio by more than 50%.  Besides that we got our second customer for the hedge fund, investing directly USDC 588. We are now having…

Could TerraM token price reach $2 in 2024?


At the start of February 2024, price for 1 TerraM token on Raydium liquidity pool was about $1.08. In this article I will try to figure out and give an answer - could TerraM token potentially double its value in 2024. The short answer - sure it can!TerraM is a native token for TerraMatris crypto hedge fund - in total there are 10,000 TerraM tokens minted, with about 411 TerraM tokens in circulation, and about 9,489 tokens still waiting to be distributed. We distribute tokens back to the…

TerraM Crypto Hedge Fund Portfolio February 2023


On December 2022, we minted 10,000 TerraM coins on the Solana network with an aim to raise $10,000 capital for options trades on Ethereum via the Deribit trading platform. We are struggling of raising the capital, with myself still being the largest seed investor in the project yet. When launching the project I was somehow more optimistic and thought by this time of the year we will be, if not already fully funded, then at least halfway there. Not so easy. No matter that, from the existing…

2023 Top Solana Projects to Watch for Investment


Solana is a high-performance blockchain platform that has been gaining a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency community lately. It is known for its fast transaction times and low transaction fees, making it a popular choice for decentralized applications (dApps) and other blockchain-based projects. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the top Solana-based token projects to invest in 2023. Raydium (RAY) Raydium is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Solana. It allows…

TerraM Crypto Hedge Fund Portfolio Update January 2023


On December 12, 2022, we minted 10,000 TerraM coins on the Solana network with an aim to raise $10,000 capital for options trades on Ethereum via the Deribit trading platform. We didn't raise the capital yet, but we did have quite an interesting month. It didn't go as planned, actually, it went totally wrong and despite ETH gaining more than 30% last January, the TerraM token actually lost -10.59% from the value it had at the end of December.  Bad luck with futures trading (we were hedging…

Top 10 Solana Ecosystem Tokens 2023


In mid-December 2022 I minted 10,000 TerraM tokens on the Solana network, and so far it is listed on the Raydium network only. In this article, I decided to take a look on what are the top 10 largest tokens/coins on the Solana network to get a better understanding and possible ideas for future TerraM token development. Without further ado: # Name Price Market Cap 1 Tether USDT $1.00 $67,336,101,947 2 Solana SOL $24.10 $8,955,089,194 3 Chainlink…

TLRY -> SPCE -> DB -> INTC -> AAPL Covered call writing


In this article, I will share my idea for growing back my stock portfolio by starting small. Long story short, after several years with a costly Dutch Lynx Broker (affiliated with Interactive Brokers), where I was paying high commissions for stock buys (sells) and options trades I finally closed it in mid-September 2022, closing all the positions and withdrawing funds. Because of some regulation, I was not allowed to open an Interactive Brokers account (much cheaper commissions) for a 6 month…

Hedging Crypto Options with Futures. more dangerous than I thought


In mid-December 2022 we launched the TerraM token, which raises funds to trade Ethereum on the Deribit platform. As the main chief financier and developer behind the TerraM coin, I come up with an idea to hedge all open positions with futures (both short and long). In theory, this strategy is a 0-risk game, in practice, it is much more complicated - with the biggest drawback being - the price oscillation near the strike price. In the past weeks, we have been pushed out several times. I have…

TerraM Crypto Hedge Fund Portfolio Updates December 2022


On December 12, 2022, I minted 10,000 TerraM coins on the Solana network with an aim to raise $10,000 capital for options trades on Ethereum via the Deribit trading platform. We didn't raise the capital yet, but we did have a quite good month. Besides minting and listing tokens for sale on the Raydium network, from the capital raised (I'm the single largest investor) we were able to book a $176.09 profit. That would give about an 11.38% yield. /* /*]]>*/ We were able to grow TerraM by 11…

Top 10 Largest Liquidity Pools on Raydium


After successfully launching the TerraM token on the Solana blockchain, I was looking for markets to list the token. That's how I found Raydium. I like the Raydium network because it was relatively easy to create a USDC/TerraM market and start providing liquidity for TerramM coin. As being new to Raydium (and Solana blockchain) I'm still learning it. To get a better understanding of what Raydium is, and how it works,  I decided to take a look at the largest markets by liquidity pools…