Rustavi Auto Market (Buying a Car in Georgia)

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Rustavi auto market is one of the most popular and useful places for buying a used car in Georgia (imported mostly from the US, but probably also from Asia and Europe). 

It was at the end of 2018, we decided to buy a car here in Georgia. After research on the most popular Georgian auto website we decided to stick with a Volkswagen Touareg  car (yes, damn expensive in exploitation, but safe)

To get to the Rustavi I decided to call my old pal - Ramaz, sincere taxi driver. Ramaz helped to inspect cars, translate conversations and at the end even to screw car plates on our new car. Rustavi is really close to Tbilisi, the drive didn't take more than 30-40 minutes.

Rustavi auto market

Rustavi auto market

Turns out Rustavi International Motorpark is located just next to the auto market. 

Buyers from neighboring Armenia and Azerbaijan are common guests here, as seems it's cheaper to buy a car in Georgia and then re-export it to Armenia/Azerbaijan. 

The market is divided into kind of sectors starting economy class cars ending high-end premium class vehicles. In the auto markets territory there are several restaurants (we tried Ukrainian restaurant with a super cool offer - business lunch for just 5 GEL), also there is a hotel for international guests located inside the territory. 

Top hotels in Rustavi, Georgia

Buying a car here is a no-brainer here, choosing among the thousand cars and search for the one you like, write down the phone number and call to the owner and start your negotiation.

Ramaz inspects Volkswagen Touareg at Rustavi auto market

Ramaz inspects Volkswagen Touareg at Rustavi auto market

We wanted to buy this car, but at the end bought other (the same model though)

The really neat stuff is that you can register your vehicle and get new car plates in ~ 30 minutes, as there is located Service Agency for the Ministry of Internal Affairs inside the  Rustavi car market. 

Representatives of Expert, Revenues Service and Insurance Companies as well as banks are available in all unit of the Service Agency.

That's how we bought our 2004 Volkswagen Touareg here, paying $4,500 + ~ GEL 180 for all the legal procedures + car number plates. We took a trip to Rustavi twice, on the first day we figured out what's offered, and on the second morning, we negotiated to meet with the car seller. Done!


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