Webdesign Update for CaucasusTranslations.com Translation & Localization Agency

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Caucasus Translations is a professional translation and localization agency located in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. The leader in the translation and content localization business in Caucasus and Central Asia. The agency employs more than 300 translators across the globe to provide cost-effective, accurate and native translation solutions for companies in almost all industry verticals in about 40 countries.

Our corporation with Caucasus Translations agency started back in 2011. During the time I've helped not only to build a website but also have helped with configuring servers, applications and just recently building an office for their transcription department in Tbilisi. See: Audio & Video Transcription Service by Caucasus Translations

Frontpage of CaucasusTranslations.com

Frontpage of CaucasusTranslations.com

Originally, this website was built back in 2011 on Drupal 7 CMS. See: Website for Translation Agency - CaucasusTranslations.com

With latest redesign changes, responsive design was implemented.

The site is available in 5 languages (English, Georgian, Russian, German and Latvian) - and it can easily be extended to more languages.

Customers can request a free quote via a webform on site. So do can potential translators submit their resumes via webform.

Visit https://www.caucasustranslations.com to learn more, or contact me for your upcoming webdesign upgrade.