The Roof Works are Done (Almost)

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That August, 2015 day was a huge day - we finished roof covering works in our rural country house. It took us about a month as we launched roofing works, and it will take us few more days to complete roofing completely.

I didn't photographed today much, or day before (when most covering were done), in fact I didn't photographed at all, my better part did. Here is what we got:

In a short break before finishing with last metal plates

Almost done here

Just three more roof plates (int total for both sides its 26 plates) and the large roof works are officially done

Couple of hour latter

Couple of hours latter

Its done!

Few more bolts

Few more bolts

Now, its time to add roof ridge,  wind boards and chimney ridge. More on that in upcoming posts in home remodeling.