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Hi! My name is Reinis Fischer (38), a proud dad and devoted husband. CEO and Founder of Terramatris crypto hedge fund, drone enthusiast, world traveler, photographer, book author and passionate lover of Georgian cuisine (vegetarian).

An ex-pat living in Georgia since 2011, I trade stocks, take photographs, work out at the gym, and many more. Here I write about travel, finance, and other things that might interest me.

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Cafe 'Dzirnaviņas' in Biksti

Cafe Dzirnaviņas is located on the roadside of Riga - Liepaja highway in a small county of Biksti. This place serves a traditional Latvian cuisine for a very affordable prices. Cafe Dzirnavinas Menu at Cafe Dzirnavinas As usual it might happen in local Latvian restaurants - a pork chop is a most popular meal. Prices indicated here are in EUR. Portions? Enormous! A daily dose of Coca-Cola They serves Coke with ice here (on request)…

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Top 5 Drones For Photography For Sale On Amazon

Few months ago during a hiking trip in an amazing Birtvisi Canyon (Republic of Georgia) I first started to "fantasy" about a drone photography. Back then, shortly returning from this trip I started to do some basic research on drones (what's popular, prices e.t.c.) and created the ultimate list of Best Drone To Buy in 2015.  Now since I have been into a photography as well, I decided to take a closer look on drones for photographers /…

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Skrunda Bus Station

Skrunda bus station is a regional bus station serving local Latvian cities and town. It mainly serves Riga and Liepaja route, but you can get from here to Kuldīga, Kazdanga and other local routes. If you are heading to Skrunda by bus you can either hire some local taxi here or walk to the closely located Skrunda abandoned military town (Distance ~ 6km). Speaking of this station building - for me it looks like a pretty standard Soviet time…

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Rudzisu Stone

We discovered Rudzisu Stone (Rudzīšu akmens) by accident driving  some remote roads in Latvian countryside. What at start seemed an easy task turned to be a mini hiking tour. Although there is a tourist sign right next to the road some (perhaps you) will need walk to this stone some 500 meters (at least) from that road. You will have a chance to meet some snails, cross two wooden bridges, dive into a spooky forest in case you are up to for this…

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Berghof Restaurant Review in Dairy Manor, Sieksāte, Latvia

This restaurant is located inside the Dairy Manor Berghof complex. During my visit at this complex I had a chance to try a local delicacy like salmon tartar at this restaurant. I learned there exists a gadget called a tea timer while I enjoyed my meal here.  Dairy Manor (Piena Muiža in Latvian) Berghof is located in the remote Latvian village of Sieksāte some 160 km from capital Riga. This manor complex serves a hotel, restaurant, museum and a…

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My Germany and The Netherlands Travel Guide

Back at the end of April 2015, we made a  lovely trip to Keukenhof's Tulip Gardens. This trip started and ended at a remote German Frankfurt - Hahn airport. Although the total time for this trip was just 3 days we traveled a lot. You will find a few landmarks, a few restaurants, and a few hotel reviews in this article  

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Dairy Manor Berghof

Dairy Manor (Piena Muiža in Latvian) Berghof is located in the remote Latvian village of Sieksāte some 160 km from capital Riga. This manor complex serves a hotel, retaurant, museum and a lovely park.  Bicycle parking at Berghof Some (perhaps you) can rent a bicycle here and enjoy a lovely ride around this manor complex Camper parking at Berghof Dairy Manor Offers 17 well-equipped campers and daravan pitches and facility house, thus…

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Top 10 Best Selling Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo is known for the ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga, and Flex line of notebook computers. A couple of years ago, when looking at Lenovo laptops, I was very skeptical, today I'm calling a laptop from Lenovo a reliable business laptop. Even at our Tbilisi office, we have been using a few Lenovo Ideapad 320 laptops, and they are great. The latest Lenovo models are powered with powerful quad-core processors and feature a touchscreen In this article,…

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The Northern Forts of Liepaja

If you just like me are into fortification systems you will definitely enjoy The Northern Forts of Liepaja. Built by Imperial Russia at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century to provide the protection of Liepāja’s naval base in case of enemy attack. According to history - In November of 1908, Tsar Nicholas II approved a decision to shut down the sea fortress in Liepāja. It has been now over 100 years since these…

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Caffe 'Lielā Pietura' Review in Grobiņa, Latvia

Caffe 'Lielā Pietura' literally translates as 'The Great Stop' and there is no surprise of this name, this cafeteria is actually located close to the ... a bus stop in Grobiņa, connecting capital city Rīga with Liepāja. This cafeteria serves traditional Latvian cuisine for a very reasonable price. Bus stop 'Grobiņa' Rīga - Liepāja interstate buses takes a stop here Cake 'Old Riga' Traditional Latvian cake named after a lovely Old Riga,…

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Livonian Order Castle Ruins at Aizpute

I have always been into a digging stuff and walking around old ancient sites is just one of my favorite activities to do. Also I'm into a history. So it's no surprise I visited a site called Livonian Order Castle Ruins at Aizpute. If you are not familiar with what a Livonian Order actually is - in short: The Livonian Order was an autonomous branch of the Teutonic Order and a member of the Livonian Confederation from 1435 to 1561. If you are up…

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Aizpute Saint John’s church

The Saint John evangelic Lutheran church in Aizpute is one of the oldest churches in Courland, historical region of Latvia.  On a rainy day I took my DSLR camera and headed to Aizpute Church mound to photograph this ancient site. Latter I was surprised to learn that on this place, prior a church were built was an ancient Curonian castle. Church mound in Aizpute This church is built on a mound, you can see a view from this mound in above…

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